SINCE 1982

What drives us is a combination of creativity and a profound sense of partnership. This is the winning formula shared by CBA offices in Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Brussels, London, Dubai, Istanbul, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Hong Kong... a network without borders.
That’s 30 years that we have spent working alongside brands at every stage of their development. Thanks to a network of 258 experts working out of 13 offices around the world, we work in no fewer than 30 different countries.

see how we came along


Louis Collinet founds CBA, an agency dedicated to packaging design and brand identity


CBA HeadQuarters move to Levallois-Perret and fully integrate a Digital expertise


CBA Activation becomes CBA Connect, now Customer Experience department


Opening of CBA Chicago and CBA Hong Kong


Opening of CBA Brand Engine in San Francisco


Espadon becomes CBA Activation. A unit dedicated to innovation is born, called Suitcase.


Opening of CBA Memac Dubai


Opening of CBA Istanbul


Opening of CBA Graell Madrid


Opening of CBA London and CBA Brussels


Opening of CBA Graell Barcelona


Opening of CBA Milan: the beginning of the company’s international expansion


Creation of a department dedicated to strategic marketing, Espadon


CBA creates a dedicated department for the cosmetics industry and a colour laboratory


Creation of CBA Archi, a department specializing in corporate and retail architecture


  • Louis Collinet

    Louis Collinet founds CBA Packaging in 1982 before launching the Corporate and Retail departments in 1987. In 1998, Louis Collinet becomes partner and founder of Espadon that will become CBA Connect. In 2000, he gets close with WPP, which puts capital into the CTF holding. From 2000 until now, CBA opens new offices, in Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, London, Brussels, Istanbul, Dubai, San Francisco, Chicago and Hong Kong.

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  • Jean-Marc Rinaldi
    Global COO

    Jean-Marc joined CBA in 2000 as founder of the brand activation division. In 2010 he founded CBA Brand Engine, the US branch of the group and currently shares his time between San Francisco and Paris, where he will be permanently based from July 2013. With a background spanning brand strategy, activation and innovation, Jean-Marc has honed a combination of strategic rigor and creative insight that has helped countless brands improve consumer perception and achieve business success. As global COO, Jean-Marc's mission is to continually seek ways improve the processes between CBA and their clients in order to build strong and efficient win win relations all over the globe.

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  • Patricia Natale
    Chief Financial Officer

    After graduating from a finance & accounting school, Patricia spent several years working for a financial firm and a French industrial group. She discovered the design industry in 1991 as she joined CBA. She is today Chief Financial Officer of the group.

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  • Anne Malberti
    General Manager

    Anne graduated from Business and Marketing at EUROMED. She started her career as Brand Manager and Group Brand Manager successively in Bahlsen and Bacardi Martini. She joined CBA in 2001 to launch the Italian agency in Milan. As General Manager, Anne is in charge of leading strategic, creative and marketing practices for French and international consumer brands.

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  • Damien Sterbecq
    Business Director

    Damien is a brand strategy, 360, digital, and CRM expert, with nearly 20 years of experience in this field.
    His main skills are brand platforms and relationship programs, 360 operations (digital, advertising, online & in-store activation, engagement, digital influence, social media …), as well as the definition of loyalty strategies (CRM).

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  • Olivier Auroy
    Business Director

    Olivier graduated from Sciences-Po Paris and La Sorbonne CELSA. He started his career as a naming expert and to date, he is the father of more than 100 brand names all around the globe. He has been working in the WPP group for the last 14 years, bringing his international experience (2 years in Italy, 9 years in the Middle East) to prestigious branding companies. Olivier won bronze at Cannes Lion Awards in 2009 in the retail category (Aswaaq). He joined CBA Paris in 2014 as business director with a focus on Corporate branding accounts.

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